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An international recruitment and immigration law firm

CanadimHR is a division of Canadim, a Canadian immigration law firm established in 2002 by Mr. Renaud Dery.

CanadimHR specializes in international recruitment projects for Canadian companies.

Our team is made up of experts in recruitment, international development, and immigration to assist you in sourcing the candidates you need globally, including managing immigration files, welcoming, and ensuring the smooth integration of the candidate.

CNESST Recruitment Permit: No AR-2202141

Who is Renaud Dery?

Founder and President of CanadimHR and Canadim, a leading international immigration law firm. Since 2002, he has successfully guided thousands of qualified candidates from various nationalities to settle and integrate in Canada.

Beyond his legal expertise and his ability to easily identify the best immigration candidates, Renaud is above all a passionate entrepreneur who understands Canadian entrepreneurs and their sustainability challenges.

With a vision that had always been oriented towards the international, he has successfully built a network of partners in North Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America, which now supports the success of CanadimHR‘s projects.

Photo Martin Dupont

Who is Martin Dupont?

Vice President of International Recruitment at CanadimHR, Martin Dupont has over 35 years of experience in business development, dedicated to serving businesses in the industrial, commercial, and tourism sectors.

Martin understands the challenges employers face regarding workforce needs. With extensive experience in international development and recruitment, he has successfully executed numerous international recruitment projects in various countries.

As the recipient of the Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec, his expertise is acknowledged both in Quebec and internationally.

Why Choose Canadim


Expertise In The Legal Framework

Canadim is able to provide advice and assistance in ensuring compliance with all immigration and labor law regulations and requirements in Canada.

Extensive Network Of Candidates

We offer a global network of candidates and public / private international partners in the field of recruitment to ensure the success of our clients’ international recruitment campaigns.

Time And Cost Savings

We propose outsourcing the time-consuming work of candidate sourcing, as well as optimizing the organizational and logistical costs of meeting, testing, and supporting international candidates in their processes.